Inspired to teach, teaching to inspire

Yoga in the Hills

Join us as we celebrate community, the Summer Solstice & Wanderlust!

June 16th

Ski Sundown - New Hartford



Free all levels vinyasa class with Heather at 9:30am


$5 suggested donation

all donations will go to the Good Neighbor fund in New Hartford

You can find me & my studio, Sanctuary Power Yoga, on social media - instagram & facebook. I do almost all the posting (with some help from Sanctuary teachers) & I am trying to post inspiring, uplifting, informative & fun stuff. If you haven't looked at my social media accounts - I'm thebentyogi & sanctuarypoweryoga on instagram & Heather Rems Korwin & Sanctuary Power Yoga on FB.

Believe it or not, this is not a plug to follow me on social media.

Social media is both amazing & frightening to me. The ability to reach so many people, so quickly, all from the comfort of your living room. And the ability to respond. Instantly. Also from the comfort & safety of your living room. In spite of that instant response, there's a real life buffer - you don't really see the person posting. You don't actually see the person responding. You get to see a moment of them outside of their everyday life.

When people say to my husband "it's good to see you", he often replies "it's good to be seen". This is what I love about our studios, the physical spaces. I love seeing people as they come in. Seeing real people, face to face. I love greeting them, asking about them & their families, giving a hug when I can. I love when a student asks me about someone they haven't seen in the studio in a while. I love when people run into old friends. And when people meet & make a connection.

To me, this is stuff that lives & love are made of. Forget plugging in your phone, plug into your own life today. When you're waiting in line for coffee, look up & see the people around you. Who can you make eye contact with? Who can you smile at? Who can you see? Who can you make a real life connection with?

Along these lines, I hope to see you at Ski Sundown in New Hartford on Saturday, June 16th. I'm teaching a free, all levels class outside at 9:30am. Patti Sinclair will close the class with a guided meditation, accompanied by live music from Kelvin Young. Class is free, but we are asking for donations to the Good Neighbor Fund in New Hartford. Come join us - See & be seen.