Heather Rems Korwin

the bent yogi

inspired to teach, teaching to inspire


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Breathe. Bend.
Don't break.

Yoga has taught me to breathe & to bend. Yes, I was doing these things before, but I would also break down, blow up & occasionally just plain freak out. I still have those moments - thanks to my yoga practice, they just happen a lot less.
A lot of what you'll find here has to do with breathing & bending on your mat. You'll also find stuff that's meant for life off your mat, and that's where we live most of our life, right?
Like I said, I was breathing & bending before yoga but I wasn't paying much attention to that. There wasn't much intention in it.
(I talk about intention in my blogs & classes regularly - check those out). 
I'm Heather & I'm the bent yogi. I'm inspired to teach & teaching to inspire. I want to help you learn to breathe & bend...so you don't break.